A few words about
our firm.






Space defines people.
Better space equals happier people.

We believe that design affects the quality of our lives. In cities, in buildings, in offices, in our homes. It is the reason why we keep on pushing ourselves forward to create better space. Space defines who you are and where you are going. We create architecture for branding. Not necessarily and only corporate branding but for identity, genus loci and place-making. Architecture to orientate, so that you know where you are in the world and, in the best of places, why you are there and why you will return. We believe it is our job to create places that inspire.

Architecture reaches many channels. From poetry to technology, from craftsmanship to art. We build bridges from one to another. This assures that what originates from us will be useful, bring joy and remain for some time.
Good design is not a luxury, but a necessity.




01. Build better buildings

We believe everybody should work in an inspiring workplace. Most employees spend a lot of time at the office, it is vital that the environment they are working in stimulates creativity while minimizing tension and stress wherever possible. A well planned office not only leads to a more efficient and time saving work flow. It creates a bigger commitment from employees towards their company. It improves the mood and overall well being of the employees.



02. Emphasize a company’s values

It is about the identity of the company: who are you and where are you going? An office emphasizes the company’s values to the employees and clients. It’s the place to make the important first impression and to improve the organization’s picture in the view of the present and future customers. A well designed office attracts better employees and better costumers.



03. Create with heart and brain

Forming space into the perfect fit for our client’s is our big passion. Starting from scratch with just a vision, translating it into a balanced space filled with architectural details. We design for the heart as well as the head. We operate from both sides of the brain. We create projects that affect us emotionally as well as intellectually.




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