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Aalberts hydronic flow control – Headquarters

Delighted to share our design for the headquarters of Aalberts hydronic flow control. In collaboration with DAD/Architecture, responsible for the outstanding exterior design, Firm architects has been asked to design a high quality and sustainable workspace that will showcase both the identity and the products of Aalberts. Leitmotif in designing the interior is the most well known of the products; an expansion vessel.


The space 

The firm designed staircase leads to the first floor, with a circular area called ‘’the vessel’’. The different elements in this space refer to the round black rubber membrane at the heart of an expansion vessel, simultaneously forming the heart of the office. From here a red circle leads to a vein running through the office. Forming a metaphor for both the colour and warmth of the heating system. The wooden call, meeting and concentration pods divide the space in more manageable areas and form a nod to the different elements in HVAC-systems as well.

The design 

The new office space is future-oriented and highly sustainable due to the heating system which uses fossil free energy and offers a maximum energy efficiency. Due to this, Aalberts headquarters received the predicate ‘’Outstanding’’ by BREEAM and is nominated for the BREEAM Awards 2021 as one of the most sustainable buildings of the world!

DAD/Architecture and Firm architects succeeded in making an office space which provides an impressive connection between production, office and visitors. Our compliments to and appreciation for the client and all parties involved in this outstanding project!

Materials and Sustainability

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