New build
125 m2

The project

A Rotterdam loft – For an investment banker from London, we designed and accompanied the transformation of a former porch house from the 1930s into an industrial pied-a-tere home.

The custom-made fireplace and open kitchen are central to the design and have been fully adapted to the wishes of the client.

The space 

The client’s wish was to create a homely loft atmosphere. We have designed special custom work in which functions are combined: the fireplace furniture is also a wall unit and wardrobe at the same time. The steel hanging staircase is the real eye-catcher that stands out in the open space.

We have extended the feeling of openness and calmness to the first floor. When you walk up the hanging steel stairs, you come across a green moss wall that can also be seen from the bathroom. The bedroom and guest room, which are also located on this floor, have full glass walls on either side. As a result, from these rooms there is a phenomenal view on the Coolhaven and it has become a place to completely relax.









The design 

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Materials and Sustainability

In principle, the house still consisted of a traditional layout with narrow rooms. In order to make optimum use of the space and to maintain the tradition of lofts in former industrial buildings, the residential floor has been completely opened up. We have created this openness by removing all the walls in the space and by making a roof extension over the full width of the building. The new loft in the house ensures maximum light in the entire space.






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