SIA Partners

New build
1000 m2
Office space

The project

SIA partners – An office space

Sia Partners is a next-generation consulting firm focused on delivering superior value and tangible results to its clients as they navigate the digital revolution. Sia had outgrown their previous office located on the Zuidas (Spaces). Firm designed a new office and corporate identity for Sia in the Rembrandt tower in Amsterdam.

The space 

Firm created a flexible office were Sia can optimize collaboration, design thinking, and user experience to help their clients develop new ideas and accelerate their projects. Sia developpes brand and communication strategies, implement omnichannel customer relationship strategies, and digitalizes the customer experience. The new office provides different type of spaces in order to work in the best possible environment required for the job.

Firm created an identity for the office which represents the global mindset and expertise of Sia. Young, passionate, driven, flexible, innovative and expert in over 30 sectors. The diversity of the employees was an inspiration for Firm to create 1 universal language in which everybody feels at home.

The design 

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Materials and Sustainability

The dynamic you feel on a floor with Sia employees can be experienced immediate after entering the office. The entrance serves as an innovative reception area, kitchen, bar, lunchroom, meeting room and lower house in one. Big sliding doors create privacy and acoustic closure from other spaces when needed during private meetings.

The space feels inviting and warm. A place where visitors are surprisingly surprised to be received in. A place Firm believes that every office should have: one where team spirit continues to grow, new ideas are born and it doesn’t feel like an office anymore.

Due to the type of activities that take place in the office Firm created different zones. Areas where debate is stimulated, other where silence is automatically created. Having consultants means lots of phone calls. Nothing is more distributive than sitting next to colleagues on the phone. Firm is keen on creating both visually aesthetic offices and functional offices.

With great acoustics and plenty of phonebooths Firm created an office that supports all of Sia’s needs.

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