New build
1250 m2
Office space

The project

Dynamic and tech-minded office – Trivento designes, produces and manages digital platforms. With more than eighty specialists, Trivento helps innovative and tech-minded organizations to make a difference in an always-on economy. 

This open minded organization embraces interaction, collaboration and quality in their daily work routine. The design we made for Trivento is in collaboration with Casper Schwarz Architects.

The space 

The new developed office space consists of two levels, each 620 m2. The original design was not in line with the desired open culture which Trivento is pursuing. This led to the concept of opening up the floors by cutting through the concrete. In this way we connected the two levels by creating an atrium. This results in a dynamic space around the void, with elements like a coffee bar, cooking island, lunch tables and presentation- and training rooms. All made to make sure colleagues will meet.

The design 

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Materials and Sustainability

The office space is designed in such a way that it is possible to work flexible on several places. Its layout is configured with future growth in mind. The rounded-off meeting pods act as beacons in the open plan office for consultation and interaction.

The most important design decision must be the connecting atrium with the staircase, which is both an architectural statement and an organizational connection.

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