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1350 M2

Frame awards 2019

Creating an office for a pioneer like Amvest is one of the most rewarding projects an architect can imagine. The vision for a client, the vision for a building, is one of the most important starting points to ensure a great design. Amvest understands that perfectly. Their new office, located in their own developing areas, is the result of a great collaboration between client and architect. In about 1350 m2, work, leisure and ultimate comfort come together on many levels. Technical cleverness (flexibel benches that can lower from the ceiling creating multifunctional spaces), experimental use of materials (brass lockers that have been dipped in acid baths to ensure a rich surface), flexible design (perfectly suitable for the present, easily adaptable for the future), carefully designed objects and special made furniture (we are detail freaks) are a few elements of this inspiring office.


Thanks to Studio De Nooyer for the stunning photography of this project!